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Meet Hazel!

I began painting Hazel with different bathing suits and backgrounds in 2018. I soon realized I enjoyed painting people in interesting settings and telling stories. My art is inspired by collecting images and remembering experiences. I mostly paint in acrylics with a dash of “other”.  

I live in the West end of Toronto. In 2016, after 31 years, l retired from teaching at Seneca College, King Campus.  My humble art career began at the AGO in 2005 taking two Saturday morning courses: Drawing for Dummies Part 1 and Drawing for Dummies Part 2.  Since then, l have been everywhere man: Community Art courses; Toronto School of the Arts; Halliburton School of the Arts; Adult Art Programme at Central Technical School; Don Valley Art Club; Humber Valley Art Club; Artist Network; two weeks in France painting anything and more.


Still learning.  Still taking courses.  


Bye for now. Tina

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